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Jul 12
RWA11 Post #2: In Which I meet my Agent
When people ask me how my trip to NY was, I always say, “productive.” For an introvert, an event with 2,000 people is rarely “fun.” But it was definitely productive and I was glad I went. I wore my first sale ribbon, had lunch with my editor, met my agent for the first time, and generally shifted my thinking that last bit from “is this for real?” to “Yes, now the real work starts.” On Wednesday New York Times Best selling author Madeline Hunter gave a very inspirational speech at the keynote luncheon for the 2011 Romance Writer’s of America… Read more »
Jun 23
It’s up to you New York, New York
Sinatra is in my head and a little knot of anxiety is in my belly as I contemplate our impending trip to New York City for the 2011 Romance Writers of America national conference. I’m packing my bags and leaving Saturday. Sunday and Monday we’ll tour the zoo, Central Park, and children’s museum (I’m bringing my family). Tuesday I have a lunch date with my editor, who I’ve met only the once (2009 ECWC). He seems very charming and approachable, so I’m not too nervous about it. My agent (Miriam Kriss) I’ve never met in person. We are trying to… Read more »