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May 13
Four Question Friday: All About Books
It’s Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious? I’ve spent my whole life claiming I’m not, but it’s a big fat lie. Superstition doesn’t have basis in rational fact, so much like my heroine, I reject it. However, I can’t help the creepy crawly feeling in my stomach that screams “BE VERY VERY CAREFUL.” I throw the salt, avoid walking under ladders, and feel uneasy if a black cat walks directly in front of me (I like all cats, black and otherwise, so don’t think I avoid them!). But I don’t know what a person is supposed to do on Friday… Read more »
Apr 29
Four Question Friday
Ask me a question, any question! Tez was so kind to ask the first two, so here they are with my brilliant answers: Question 1: Since your daughter was born, have you been writing less? Answer 1: I write 5k a day, have a spotless house and cook four course gourmet meals every night. I am a fiction writer, after all. ;) Honestly, pregnancy brain hit me hard, and I actually stopped writing way before I had the baby. Once the baby arrived, I spent most of my “free time” editing and entering contests. It wasn’t until I got The Call… Read more »