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Deadglass Seattle by Teresa Grasseschi


Deadglass Seattle is a gritty, alternate universe where two shapeshifter races fight in secret over the Gate to the Land of the Dead. Artist Teresa Grasseschi drew up an awesome map and character illustrations.

Deadglass SeattleBallard: Scandinavian neighborhood north of the Ship Canal founded by Sven Norgard and his Norse followers.

Fremont: Artist neighborhood favoring rebellion, giant trolls, and Lenin statues.

Queen Anne: Elegant Kivati neighborhood on a hill just south of the Ship Canal, named for the Queen Anne style architecture that predominates

Capitol Hill: Old neighborhood on a hill east of Downtown. Settled by early millionaires and lumber barrons. Mansions on Millionaires’ Row wired for both gas and electric.

Pioneer Square: Oldest neighborhood in the city found just south of Downtown. Was rebuilt in brick around the turn of the century after the Great Seattle Fire leveled the wooden buildings. Very haunted.


Immortal, soulless dragon shifters led by the charismatic Sven Norgard. His seat of power is the Scandinavian enclave of Ballard, just to the north of the Ship Canal. Regent Norgard owns half the city, including the mayor, and his business empire extends across the Pacific Northwest.

Drekar-Deadglass Trilogy

Major Players

Sven Norgard: Regent

Leif Asgard: Scientist, brother to the Regent, Hearts of Shadow

Brand: glass artist, Hearts of Fire

Erik Thorsson: Regent’s bodyguard

Astrid Zetian: Regent’s advisor on Seattle City Council

Longren: oldest Drekar in Pacific Northwest

Norgard’s Mercenaries

Hart: outcast Kivati werewolf, Hearts of Darkness

Grace Mercer: Aptrgangr hunter, Hearts of Shadow

Oscar Yesler: Con and pickpocket


An ancient race of shapeshifters who can Change to their animal totem, they’ve ruled quietly in the Pacific Northwest for millennia, guarding the Gate between worlds and keeping humans safe from the Drekar and their ilk. From his seat on Queen Anne Hill, their leader, Emory Corbette, the Raven Lord, rules with an iron fist to keep his people safe from the depredations of the modern world.

Kivati by Teresa Grasseschi

Major Players

Emory Corbette: The Raven Lord, Hearts of Chaos

William Raiden: Thunderbird, advisor to Corbette, Head of Southern House

Kai Raiden: Thunderbird, Head of Western House

Jace Raiden: Thunderbird, Head of Northern House, brother of Kai

Theodore Raiden: Thunderbird, Head of Eastern House

Alice: Owl, sister of Emory Corbette, Hearts of Fire

Halian Corbette: Raven, Emory’s father and leader of Kivati in HEARTS OF FIRE

Lucia Crane: Crane, prophesied Harbinger of Destiny, Hearts of Chaos

Rudrick Todd: Fox, soldier of the Western House

Johnny Corbus: Crow, soldier of the Western House


Commissioned by Sven Norgard from the Dreki glass artist Brand (Novella, Hearts of Fire), the Deadglass allows the bearer to see the supernatural. There are only two in existence: a monocle Norgard wears on his left eye, and a small brass spyglass borne by his head hunter, Hart.

Legend for the Deadglass Map by Teresa Grasseschi