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May 23
Revisions, Revisions
I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon, again, pretty quickly. I could say it’s because I’ve been sick, again, or because Mr. Kira went out of town, again, or because the baby has been sick, again. All would be right. Let’s reevaluate our blogging reality, shall we? New achievable goal: I promise to blog once a week on Mondays. I need to spend more time writing anyway. You don’t care, do you? I didn’t think so. Blogging is so 2004. I have news: my revisions from my editor arrived! He had lovely things to say about book 1 and only a… Read more »
May 16
Grammar: You’re doin’ it wrong, and the Art of Language
When I first started writing and had my first critique, I just about drowned in the load of crap advice aspiring authors are given. Thou shalt not use adverbs! Thou shalt not end a sentence in a preposition! Thou shalt not use prologs! Thou shalt not have your heroine and hero meet more than seven pages from the beginning! Thou shalt use ONE point-of-view per scene! Thou shalt not use the omniscient voice! Meh. The list goes on. Check out author/former agent Nathan Bransford’s blog for more good ones. The advice, while well-meaning, debilitated my writing. I didn’t trust myself… Read more »
May 11
Thor and Writing
I’m switching it up this week, obviously, as yesterday I wrote about a fabulous book you should buy and today I’m talking about writing. Rules are made to be broken and all. Last night Mr. Kira and I went on a hot date to see Thor. I love comic book movies, especially when they are well done. The Shadow and The Phantom were favorites when I was a kid. I’m not a fan of the Sin City type movies, which are visually appealing until they turn gruesome. Thor was excellent. They had a challenge keeping the characters in their silly… Read more »
May 2
Writing Getaway to PDX and Afternoon Tea
Last Wednesday to celebrate my first sale and to get a much needed writing retreat, my Critique Partner and I took the train to Portland (Oregon) and back. We got up super early to take the 7:30 am train, which took about 3 and a half hours. Sleepiness impeded my writing ability, and the coffee on the train was crap, but I still wrote around 2,000 words on the first leg of the journey. The weather in Portland was overcast, but dry, which in the Pacific Northwest is considered fairly decent weather. We walked to Powell’s–a book mecca for those… Read more »
Apr 26
Getting down and dirty on the internet
What every aspiring author wants to know: Marketing! This is a topic that strikes fear in the hearts of many an author. We tend to be introverted, skittish creatures. Marketing feels like whoring ourselves on the internet, tarnishing our “art”, exposing our vulnerable creative core. But it’s necessary, unless one wants to write for oneself. An author craves an audience. If the audience doesn’t know about it, they can’t fall hopelessly in love with one’s story. At the request of the marketing department at my esteemed publisher, I have set myself up on the requisite social networking sites. We are… Read more »
Apr 15
Hot off the press!! August 2012
Well, new to me anyway. Hearts of Darkness, book 1 in my to-be-titled trilogy, will be released from Kensington in August 2012, earlier than I was anticipating. Mark your calendars! I’m hard at work on book 2, Hearts of Shadow. For some reason, I’m excited by the prospect of rewriting book 1 more than I am about facing down the blank page of book 2. Why is that? Why is the blank page so terrifying? There is a quote widely attributed to La Nora that goes something like, “a page of crap is easier to fix than a blank page.”… Read more »
Apr 11
Once Upon a Time…
…there was a girl who liked to make up stories (who doesn’t?). She was ship wrecked on deserted islands and built tree houses out of vines in the deep jungle (equipped with mysterious and environmentally friendly hot-holes in the jungle floor to cook on), tracked international jewel thieves for the FBI (and sometimes the reverse), and led troops to battle the forces of darkness in petty fiefdoms high above the clouds. She thought, sometimes, about writing these grand adventures down on paper, but there were always too many princes to save from fire breathing dragons. After too many years fighting… Read more »
Apr 7
New York here I come!
Signing my first publishing contract!… Read more »
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