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Aug 27
New temporary blog design! and post
It is AUGUST. Where has the time gone??? We can now start the countdown: ONE YEAR until HEARTS OF DARKNESS DEBUTS!!! Squeee! What should I be doing? Marketing wise, that is. Writing I’ve got down, but this marketing thing is something else. I am having a heap of trouble deciding on a website design. I’m working with a patient woman who will hopefully not strangle me before I decide on a final fabulous direction. Should the colors be simple or grungy? Should the design focus on my series or myself as an author? I’ve been messing around with photoshop trying… Read more »
Apr 26
Getting down and dirty on the internet
What every aspiring author wants to know: Marketing! This is a topic that strikes fear in the hearts of many an author. We tend to be introverted, skittish creatures. Marketing feels like whoring ourselves on the internet, tarnishing our “art”, exposing our vulnerable creative core. But it’s necessary, unless one wants to write for oneself. An author craves an audience. If the audience doesn’t know about it, they can’t fall hopelessly in love with one’s story. At the request of the marketing department at my esteemed publisher, I have set myself up on the requisite social networking sites. We are… Read more »