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May 29
105th Free Ballard Day & countdown to Hearts of Fire
Today is the anti-celebration of the 105th anniversary of Ballard’s forcible annexation to the City of Seattle. We mourn the loss of our great Scandinavian city to the insatiable hunger of those devious early Seattelittes, who rumor has it put a dead horse in Ballard’s drinking water supply to “convince” us that we needed their help. It might have been a bloodless coup, but we still mourn the loss of our independence. Please join me in donning black and raising a glass in memory of the Ballard that could have been… Our FREE BALLARD cheer is tongue-in-cheek, but it inspired… Read more »
May 18
Syttende Mai: Parading our Norse around in Ballard
Happy Norwegian Constitution Day! We celebrate May 17th in Ballard with (what is rumored to be) the largest Syttende Mai parade outside of Norway, because we like to pretend we’re still a fiercely independent city of Viking descendants. At right is a picture of our local independent bookstore’s Syttende Mai display. Other major festivals are Viking Days in the summer, and Tivoli and Yule Fest at the Nordic Heritage Museum. It doesn’t matter if your Norwegian ancestors hated your neighbor’s Swedish ones; we’re all one big happy Norse family in Ballard. May 17th for Ballardites is like March 17th for… Read more »
May 14
Publishers Weekly Interview: From Urban Planning to Urban Fantasy
I am pleased to announce my very first official interview! And it’s in Publishers Weekly, no less. In it I expound upon the Deadglass Trilogy and the inspiration behind my haunted, alternate Seattle. I also chat about my favorite books growing up–all Young Adult Fantasy–and why I chose Norse/Babylonian/Native American mythology for the trilogy. From Urban Planning to Urban Fantasy: PW Talks with Kira Brady By Julie Naughton May 11, 2012 Kira Brady‚Äôs studies in urban planning and historic preservation helped her create a fantastical alternate Seattle in Hearts of Darkness, the first in a paranormal romance trilogy.… Read more »
Jan 5
Why, Hello, 2012, what big teeth you have
Happy New Year, Dearies, only a few days late. Tired yet of crafting resolutions? As I pick my way through abandoned exercise plans and over ambitious word count goals, I reflect again on the inevitability of broken resolutions. Life gets in the way of our best laid plans. It’s the way the universe tests us to see how bad we want whatever goal we’ve held aloft. The new year gives us an excuse to start fresh; it is the first day of the rest of your life. But EVERY day is the first day of the rest of your life.… Read more »
Oct 6
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish – Words to live by.
I like inspirational messages, so I’m sharing with you this quote and video from Apple and Pixar co-founder Steve Jobs who passed away today. He said that for the last 33 years he has looked in the mirror and asked himself if this were his last day on earth, would he be happy doing the work he was about to do? And if he said no too many days in a row, he knew it was time to make a change. I think we all need this message over and over. It’s too easy to put our dreams off until… Read more »