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Kira Brady is the author the Deadglass Trilogy for Kensignton Zebra. A native Seattleitte, Kira spent her childhood hiking the rainy forests of the Pacific Northwest and drying out by the fire with a good book and a mug of something hot. She graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, where she met her real life Prince Charming and promptly dragged him back to sunless Seattle. She fell in love with historic, haunted cities in graduate school. Now she writes about the twisted cities of her imagination, where wraiths and shape-shifters stalk the night and love redeems even the darkest heart. When not writing, she can be found drinking inordinately large mugs of Assam tea, knitting wool socks, and raising a wee heroine and hero-in-training. Publishers Weekly called Hearts of Chaos (March 2014): “beautifully rendered prose and multidimensional characters who capture readers’ hearts.


PW Best Summer Books“Dazzling … thrilling … irresistible.”Publishers Weekly, starred review for HEARTS OF DARKNESS

From Urban Planning to Urban Fantasy: PW talks with Kira Brady

Publishers Weekly Best Summer Reads 2012

“You’ve brought something new and exciting to my reading world…I can’t wait for the next Deadglass novel. What a debut. A-” – Jane Litte,


2012 Nominated for an RT book award for Best Shapeshifter Romance
2010 Orange Rose Contest Winner
2010 Maggie Contest Winner
2010 Marlene Awards Winner
2010 Great Expectations Contest Winner
2009 Golden Gateway Contest Winner


Where do you get your ideas?

At Archie McPhee. They’re shelved next to the FREE BALLARD bumper stickers. 

How did you get your publishing contract?

After completing Hearts of Darkness, I attended the Emerald City Writers Conference and pitched to editor Peter Senftleben at Kensington. He requested the full manuscript, and, 15 months later, emailed to say he wanted the full trilogy.

What are you working on now?

An Urban Fantasy Romance set in an alternate Philadelphia.

How can I get a copy of your book for review?

Contact the publicist at Kensington, Craig Bentley.

Is Hearts of Shadow about Hart and Kayla or is there a new hero and heroine?

There is a new hero/heroine pair for each book in the trilogy. Hearts of Shadow is about the Dreki Leif Asgard and the mercenary Grace Mercer. Hearts of Chaos is about the Raven Lord, Emory Corbette, and the Kivati Princess, Lucia Crane.

How do you pronounce aptrgangr?

Good question. For aptrgangr and other esoteric Norse words, check out the Deadglass audiobooks from Blackstone Audio narrated by the delightful Xe Sands. She’ll tell you.

Do you write under any other names?

Not yet.

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

Write, write, and write some more. Finish the projects you start and practice your craft whenever, wherever possible. Write the books that you want to read, not something that’s “hot” in the marketplace. In the words of Neil Gaiman, “Make Good Art.”

Will you come to XXXXX for a book fair/book tour/book signing?

I’m allergic to the sun. If I leave the Pacific Northwest, I’ll burn to a cinder. Just kidding. As the mother of tiny children, I don’t get out much.

How can I get a book autographed if you aren’t coming to my area?

If you’d like an autographed copy of any of the books in the Deadglass Trilogy, you can order one from Secret Garden Books in Seattle. I can even personalize it if you leave a message telling me who you want it made out to. 

Secret Garden Books
2214 NW Market Street
Seattle, WA 98107