Kira Brady

Mar 9
The View from Kite Hill

Hearts of Chaos opens on Kite Hill at Gas Works Park, right after the battle against Kingu that took place at the end of Hearts of Shadow. We stopped by Gas Works on our tour of Deadglass Seattle on Tuesday, and I took a pretty expansive panorama of the view from Kite Hill so you can see what Lucia sees when she looks out over Lake Union. You might want to click on it to see it larger.

Gas Works Park from Kite Hill

Lucia glanced across Lake Union to where dusk backlit the ruined towers of downtown Seattle. The battle had taken place at the Gas Works, an old coal gasification plant that jutted out into the lake with an excellent view of Queen Anne Hill to the southwest. She could just see the yellow walls of the palatial Kivati Hall at the top of the hill hunkering down against the night. Crows from all over the city streaked the sky black as they returned to roost on the parapets and the surrounding hilltop trees. “You better pray he’ll be merciful again,” she told Kai.

“You got balls of steel, Crane.” Kai loomed over her. He leaned down, his velvet voice a seductive purr only loud enough for her to hear. “But I’m not going to be the one on my knees. You’ll use every trick—and I mean every—to deflect Corbette from the truth. You better not wuss out on me when the Big Bad turns his screws in your sweet, little fingers. You take my secret to your grave.”

(Excerpt from Hearts of Chaos, book 3 of the Deadglass Trilogy.)

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