Kira Brady

Sep 10
Upcoming: Emerald City Writers Conference

Hello, world! I’m working on copy edits for HEARTS OF CHAOS, the final Deadglass book due out March 2014. I love it and hope you do too. I wanted to write a quick update for those of you in the Seattle area: I will be signing books at the Emerald City Writers Conference in October at the Bellevue Westin. The book fair is open to the public and raises money for DAWN. It’s a great chance to meet many of the wonderful local romance authors and pick up autographed copies. I’ll be signing Hearts of Darkness (#1) and Hearts of Shadow (#2, which also has the novella printed in it!). Please stop by and say hi.

I try to go to ECWC every year, as it’s sponsored by my local RWA chapter. This year the theme is self publishing, what everyone, including me, wants to know about. A lot of authors are recommending a hybrid approach of publishing with a New York publishing house and self publishing at the same time. This sounds like a fabulous idea….for someone who can write more than one book a year. Unfortunately, I’m in the author-with-itty-bitty-babies stage of life, where I’ll be lucky to write a single book in a year. This year I’m mostly going to the conference just to pretend I’m still in the game. It will be nice to see my writer friends again after a loooong absence, and it’s always great to meet readers at the book fair. Hope to meet some new people and see some familiar faces!

2013 Emerald City Writers’ Conference : October 18th – 20th, 2013.
Keynote speakers are Maya Banks, Robyn Carr, and Karen Rose.
Book fair is usually Saturday from 4-6.

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