Kira Brady

Jun 8
PW Best Summer Books 2012: Hearts of Darkness

Publishers Weekly chose Hearts of Darkness as one of their best summer reads of 2012! I’m in good company as one of their five romance picks along with one of my favorite authors, Nalini Singh (squeee!).

Publishers Weekly Best Books of summer – reads – 2012

Hearts of Darkness
Kira Brady (Kensington/Zebra)
Brady’s dazzling debut blends Norse, Babylonian, and Native American mythology to create a dark and compelling story set in an alternate present-day Seattle. A human nurse and a werewolf mercenary find unexpected romance as they try to stop dragon shapeshifters from opening a gate into another world and unleashing apocalypse. Even jaded paranormal fans will be excited by this genuinely new setting and its compelling cast.

PW review
From Urban Planning to Urban Fantasy: PW Talks with Kira Brady

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