Kira Brady

May 29
105th Free Ballard Day & countdown to Hearts of Fire

Today is the anti-celebration of the 105th anniversary of Ballard’s forcible annexation to the City of Seattle. We mourn the loss of our great Scandinavian city to the insatiable hunger of those devious early Seattelittes, who rumor has it put a dead horse in Ballard’s drinking water supply to “convince” us that we needed their help. It might have been a bloodless coup, but we still mourn the loss of our independence. Please join me in donning black and raising a glass in memory of the Ballard that could have been…

Our FREE BALLARD cheer is tongue-in-cheek, but it inspired the world of the Deadglass Trilogy. This is the Ballard that might have been…if the original founders were really megalomaniac Norse dragon shifters. In my alternate Seattle, two enemy races clash in the reimagined founding of a city at war. And you can read about it in HEARTS OF FIRE, which is a Romeo-and-Juliet retelling of the Great Seattle Fire set in the Deadglass world, in less than a month!! The novella is a prequel to the Deadglass Trilogy, but it isn’t necessary to read it before starting HEARTS OF DARKNESS. It will be released only in eBook on July 26th for the low, low price of $0.99. (I can’t link to it because, unfortunately, it isn’t available for preorder yet.)

UPDATE! It’s available for preorder now! Click here for Amazon kindle. Will it be available at other ebook retailers? I think so? I’ll update you as I know more.

2 comments to “105th Free Ballard Day & countdown to Hearts of Fire”

  1. Sherida
      · May 30th, 2012 at 12:55 am · Link

    Please let us know when it can be preordered! Looking forward to the release! Yay, Ballard! Charming enclave…..

  2. Ames
      · June 3rd, 2012 at 4:06 am · Link

    Great post! I’m not familiar with the Great Seattle Fire (almost confused it with the Great Chicago Fire), good to know I’ll be learning about it in the Deadglass world. And huzzah on the novella/prequel!!

    Thank you so much for the ARC and book cover flat of Hearts of Darkness! I’m going to start reading it in a few days ^_^