Kira Brady

Aug 27
New temporary blog design! and post

It is AUGUST. Where has the time gone??? We can now start the countdown: ONE YEAR until HEARTS OF DARKNESS DEBUTS!!! Squeee! What should I be doing? Marketing wise, that is. Writing I’ve got down, but this marketing thing is something else. I am having a heap of trouble deciding on a website design. I’m working with a patient woman who will hopefully not strangle me before I decide on a final fabulous direction. Should the colors be simple or grungy? Should the design focus on my series or myself as an author? I’ve been messing around with photoshop trying to uncover what my subconsious is telling me about the design. It’s kind of like my writing process: I fool around until I figure out the story buried deep in my brain. But my photoshop skillz, they iz not so hot. And I have to steal Mr. Kira’s work computer to use photoshop, because he keeps downgrading my copy. While upgrading my computer, he moved me from CS2 to CSnothing. *sob*

Anyway, until I get that settled, here is my new lovely blog design! The header I made all by myself. Aren’t you proud of me? The photo I shot at Gasworks Park. It’s the view across Lake Union. Now it just needs my NAME across the top so you know what you’re reading, but Mr. Kira stole his computer back.

I am almost finished with the short story prequel to Hearts of Darkness. It will debut in July in ebook only, one month before Hearts of Darkness arrives in stores. I am very excited to share it with you, and very excited to have my first published work debut during such a monumental birthday month. (LET THE CELEBRATIONS COMMENCE.) I’m trying not to think about the Impending Birthday of Doom too much, which means, of course, I must fill the month with tons of things to look forward to.

And if you all read my book, that would make all my birthday wishes come true. ;)

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