Kira Brady

Aug 9
Keep on Truckin’

The news lately has been blacker than soot. Makes me what to curl up under a rock and shut out the outside world. That’s generally what makes an author an author, right? A person who is most at home in the made-up worlds inside her own head? But that won’t put out the fires that are burning our very real world. I’ve been trying to limit my internet time so I don’t get too overstimulated, which is one reason I haven’t been blogging. If this keeps up, the Mayan 2012 apocalpyse will be right on time.

In our little publishing corner of the world the news is not life-or-death, but it is dismal. Since I sold in January, self-publishing has rocked the establishment. It seems like everywhere I turn, people are predicting DOOM for paper books, DOOM for publishing houses, DOOM for bookstores. Since Borders is closing, readers won’t be able to discover Debut Romance Authors! Rumor abounds: Self-publishing will lead to instant riches. Self-publishing will make you lose your shirt. I’m not going to predict anything. I have little control over these factors. The area I have control over is my own story. I’m going to write the best damn story I can, and hope some of you fine folks will read it.

I hope my theme that love can light the darkness will inspire you, especially in these tough times. Maybe my books will give you a little respite from the real world. I love the romance genre, because it delivers hope. It holds the promise that the good guys will always win, the bad guys will always get their comeuppance, and true love will conquer all.

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