Kira Brady

Jul 7
RWA11 post 1: Literacy Autographing

The RWA National Conference was fun, but exhausting, as 2,000 writers converged on the Marriott Marquis to learn, network, and drink. We took a family vacation a few days earlier and saw the Central Park Zoo (which was sad) and the Children’s Museum (which was aweseome). On Tuesday I took the baby to the literary signing. The line of rabid romance readers went out the door and around the block. It was a madhouse. We decided to wait an hour or two for things to calm down, and although we bypassed the line, it was still all madness inside the ballroom. And we missed the books. *sob* I could barely hear a thing, so if you tried to talk to me and I gave you a dazed smile, please don’t take it personally.

Highlight: Meeting Diana Gabaldon


Her: *polite smile*

Me: Can I take a picture?

Her: Sure.

That was it. She had run out of the Outlander Graphic Novels. *sob* I made it out of the signing with only one book and only talked to a handful of the authors I intended to. I met the delightful Karina Cooper, a local debut author who writes post-apocalyptic paranormal romance set in my favorite city. Book 1, Blood of the Wicked, was hawt, so I was glad to get my hands on an autographed copy of book 2: Lure of the Wicked. The baby cried when she saw Larissa Ione, but was appeased by the bribe of her very own demon ducky. I’m not the only one who was overstimulated by the crowd and heat.

After the signing, we met the lovely Christine, a blogger who I’ve known online for a number of years. It was great to finally meet her in person, but I didn’t get to talk long as I would have liked. Next time!

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