Kira Brady

Apr 29
Four Question Friday

Ask me a question, any question! Tez was so kind to ask the first two, so here they are with my brilliant answers:

Question 1: Since your daughter was born, have you been writing less?

Answer 1: I write 5k a day, have a spotless house and cook four course gourmet meals every night. I am a fiction writer, after all. ;)

Honestly, pregnancy brain hit me hard, and I actually stopped writing way before I had the baby. Once the baby arrived, I spent most of my “free time” editing and entering contests. It wasn’t until I got The Call in January that I got serious about making time to write again. Deadlines are a good motivator. I have less time than I did pre-baby, but I’m much more efficient with it.

Question 2: Have you hired a baby-sitter so you can get some writing done?

Answer 2: Still working on it. Now that she is 13 months I feel a lot better about leaving her in a stranger’s capable hands. She is extremely social and inquisitive, so I think she’ll really like being in a school environment. Yesterday I had my first full day without the baby and I wrote 5 thousand words!! (Not-fiction!)

Question 3: Are you still in love with secret-baby plots after having a baby of your own?

Answer 3: THOSE BOOKS WERE WRITTEN BY CHILDLESS PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER MET A BABY. Just kidding. I LOVE being a mommy, but for a while there I was pretty convinced that the only people who liked the secret-baby plots so common in the romance genre were childless people and women too old to remember what it was like to have a newborn. I’m probably still right, but after a year my brain has already blocked the shock and exhaustion that characterizes new parenthood. So, short answer: yes. I’m a sucker for them again. Babies! So cute! Heroes who like babies! ADORABLE!

Question 4: Did you watch the royal wedding?

Answer 4: You know that thing about parenthood? You sleep when the baby sleeps. If my baby is sleeping at 3 am, I am certainly NOT up watching tv, Fabulous hats or no.

Maybe if I had known about the Fabulous hats ahead of time I would have made an exception.

Now a question for you, dear readers: Did YOU watch the royal wedding?

2 comments to “Four Question Friday”

  1. Tez Miller
      · April 29th, 2011 at 5:21 pm · Link

    I watched part of the wedding, after I finished my Internet stuff. By then it was about 8 or 8:30PM, and I kept the TV on until 11:30PM. Time zones, so you see, so “staying up” wasn’t an issue ;-) Good to live in Australia ;-)

  2. kirabrady
      · April 29th, 2011 at 10:59 pm · Link

    Nice. Seattle’s time zone is wrong for just about everything. Fortunately, I don’t watch much TV, so it doesn’t bother me. Did you enjoy the show?